Rachels-portrait3-150x150I am a passionate teacher of Torah.  I love close study of texts, dancing with words and imagery across the pages. Biblical personalities, stories, and settings come alive.  My students are engaged — heart, mind and soul — in class.   In the Hebrew College Rabbinical School, I teach Bereshit (Genesis) and many other books of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), drawing deeply from the well-waters of classic midrash, Medieval exegesis, and modern literary commentary — from Bereshit Rabbah and Rashi to Robert Alter and Franz Kafka.

I am most elated in class when we are so lost in the inner voice of the sources (and ourselves) that we come to ask —  “How can we know the dancer from the dance?”, We wonder when we as readers end and the text begins.

Born and raised in Canada, I lived most of my adult life in Israel where I completed my doctorate in Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2008.  I  now live in Boston most of the year with my partner, Gary, but we spend a good deal of time in Israel (where my grown children live and my heart lies).  When it snows over the Judaean hills, Jeru2013-01-10 13.45.24salem holds 9/10ths of the world’s beauty.

Writing is my second passion.  When not engaged with booksDivrei Torahor academic articles, it is poetry that flows from my pen.

I also love biking, swimming, and yoga practice.


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